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Happy Customers!

There's nothing we love more at Bulk Bag Buddy HQ than a happy customer... Heres a review we received this morning:-

There have been a number of times over the years I’ve either needed to empty a bulk bag around the garden or try to fill one up say with garden waste. Usually this has been on my own. Wrestling with these bags, whether emptying or filling can be a total nightmare. Either the wind blows the bag shut just as I’m about to put something in or my shovel gets stuck in the handles. Unless you’ve got two people, it can be a very annoying exercise. Then, after one day of total frustration, I decided to search the internet to see if anyone had come up with a solution to this infuriating problem.

Having found the bulkbagbuddy web site, I decided to buy the Bulk Bag Buddy Standard Frame. It arrived very quickly and I have to say it has made the job of emptying and filling bulk bags so much easier. It’s quick and simple to put together and it’s like a second pair of hands! Once the job is finished, the frame is easy to take apart and takes up little storage room in the workshop.

Perfect solution to a very annoying problem.

I would certainly recommend this product to anyone using bulk bags.

Visit our shop today and make your life easier!


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