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Taking the Backache out of Your Winter Garden Clear Up

According to the NHS, almost half of UK adults are living with chronic back pain and the most common causes are gardening, carrying heavy bags and bad posture when sitting at a desk.

With the final big garden clear up well and truly underway, we all know all too well how much strain lifting and shifting garden debris can have on our backs. Whether it’s raking leaves, digging out old plants, bending down to pick up lawn cuttings, or reaching up to cut back overhanging branches, all these jobs make you work muscles and joints that you may not work out on a regular basis. Muscle aches can be easily remedied with a good old soak in the bath, however the back isn’t quite so forgiving.

Our Bulk Bag Buddy support frame is exactly what you need at this time of year to help support not only your garden waste bags, but also your back too. Fully adjustable and easy to assemble, the frame allows you to fill up without having to constantly bend down and readjust the bag because it’s fallen down. And not only that, but by being securely held in place by the frame, it ensures that every tiny corner of space in the bag can be filled, which means less trips carrying the bag to the car to take to the tip.

Here are three more top tips to avoid back pain whilst gardening:

  1. Use your knees - Bend your knees and if necessary kneel when you get to ground level. Keep movements smooth and always stop if you feel any pain. Never let your back take the bulk of the strain!

  2. Use the right tools – Invest in ergonomically designed tools to help make your life easier. Things like cushioned kneelers and garden carts will mean you don’t have to stand up and sit down quite so often and a good solid garden bag support frame will help take the strain.

  3. Take regular breaks – The job needs to get done, but nothing is as important as your health, so if you start to feel achy or experience any pain at all, now is the time for a cuppa!

The big garden clear up needn’t be a pain in the back and if you’d like to find out about how we can help you, please get in touch.

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