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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bulk Bags!

I’m sure you all know what a bulk bag is right? Yep it’s those hefty tonne bags that builders and gardeners use to store and transport waste, but I reckon you haven’t given them much thought after that. And, because I am the ultimate bulk bag master, I’m going to reveal my top five interesting facts about bulk bags…well I think they’re interesting, anyway!

1. They’re Green!

Well they’re not actually green green, they’re the other kind of green -environmentally green. Not only can you reuse them time and time again, making them a million times better for our planet than using plastic bags, but they can also be recycled. In fact did you know that bulk bags are made from a derivative of petrol, yep the very same petrol that goes into our cars. And I know that doesn’t sound particularly green, but although polypropylene is a petrol based product, it’s inert thermoplastic qualities allows it to break down and be reconstructed. Of course, there’s always the option of upcycling so if you’ve got a bulk bag that’s seen better days, but you haven’t got the heart to throw it out, check out some of these bulk bag ideas on Pinterest.

2. Safety First

You can’t just sell a bulk bag willy nilly, oh no siree, they have to meet certain health and safety criteria first. Each and every bag is tested and rated with a Safe Working Load (SWL) figure, which basically tells you how much weight the bag can safely hold. In addition they are also marked with a Safety Factor (SF), for example a 5:1 SF means the bag can actually hold up to five times its SWL.

3. Keep Them Dry

Like gremlins bulk bags do NOT like water. I mean they aren’t gonna multiply into hideous slimy monsters if they get splashed, and they can handle a little bit of moisture every now and again, but don’t go trying to store liquid in them, because I’m telling you know, it ain’t gonna end well. Yes you can leave them outside and it’s not going to damage them if it rains, but they are certainly not designed to contain anything other than solid matter. Some bulk bags may come with a special waterproof coating, which will help stop moisture and condensation, but we’re talking mould and mildew prevention not a makeshift goldfish bowl!

4. Baffled?

Aren’t we all, and it turns out bulk bags are a bit baffled too, because did you know that some bulk bags come with baffles? Baffles are the pieces of material that are sewn into the inside corners of each bag to help it keep its shape and to give it that added strength. Some bags will also come with a strengthening material band around the top edge to help with the support of the loop holes. Bulk bags naturally get very heavy once filled and they are designed to be lifted by these loop holes, so it is absolutely essential that they are as strong as possible. Of course another handy thing about loop holes is that they can be attached to a bulk bag support frame making it a whole lot easier to fill, which bring us nicely on to…

5. Open and Shut

You know when you’re doing the gardening and you’ve turned around to put some clippings in the bag, but a gust of wind blows it shut, or it’s toppled over from lack of support and for being too flimsy…annoying isn’t it? There are two main bulk bags in the world 1) the open top kind and 2) the closed ‘duffel’ top kind, like a duffel bag it can be drawn in and closed to protect the things inside. They both have their advantages, however a duffel top bag is never going to have as big an opening as an open top one and it still doesn’t hep with the wind factor.

But a Bulk Bag Buddy Frame would!

Because a Bulk Bag Buddy Frame allows you to attach a bulk bag, keeping it fully open all of the time – ha wind take that – and fully utilising the entire space of the bag. It’s seriously the best buddy you’re bulk bag could have.

So, are you feeling a little bit more clued up about bulk bags now? Or do you still feel as if you could do with finding out more? Then why not get in touch with us at Bulk Bag Buddy HQ where we can tell you more about what we can do for you and your bulk bag.

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