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Keep your kids entertained with a Bulk Bag this summer!

It’s the school holidays, the weather is typically rubbish so how you gonna keep those pesky kids amused for the next few weeks?

With a bulk bag of course!

Take a look at our 5 ideas of things to do with a bulk bag when you just can’t take the bickering any more:

1. Portable Beach – Who needs the beach when you can fill a bulk bag with sand (trust me these bad boys can take it and if you’ve got them hooked up to a bulk bag support it makes it a complete and utter doddle) and leave them to it. Chuck in a sieve, a couple of cars, bucket etc. and hey presto it’s like being on the Italian Riviera. Ummmm yeah OK not quite, but hey bung a pizza in the oven, pop on a bit of Pavarotti and you’re almost there.

2. Ball pool – Chuck in some of them coloured plastic balls all parents have lying around, bung in the toddler and hey presto a ball pool. Better and cheaper than a soft play centre plus no germs, no scabby plaster and no random crumbs.

3. Lucky Dip – Throw in a load of old toys that your kids have amassed from magazines, Happy Meals or fairground winnings, you know… all that freebie tat that takes up loads of space but they just can’t bear to throw out because it’s the BEST toy ever! Cover with sawdust and get them to play lucky dip. If they don’t like what they get, bin it. Everyone’s a winner!

4. Teddy Toss – Same goes for teddies, they’ve always, ALWAYS got too many of the damn things. Attach a bulk bag to a stand, divide the teddies up between the kids, get them to stand a few feet away and see if they can throw them into the bag. The rules are simple – teddy goes in…you get to keep it, teddy misses…bye bye teddy. Harsh, but fair!

5. Goal Post – Who else is fed up with balls being kicked into the neighbour’s garden? Well, I’ve got the perfect solution…the bulk bag buddy ball bag (try saying that after a few pints! Set the bulk bag up on a support frame, angle it so it’s tilting downwards (they’re fully adjustable dontcha know!) and Bob’s yer uncle, Fanny’s yer aunt you’ve got a goal post that catches balls.

Who knew you could use a bulk bag for so much more than lobbing in garden and construction waste, right!?! Can you think of anything else you could use one for? We’d love to hear your ideas, however crazy so contact the Bulk Bag Buddy team today.

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