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What A Load Of Rubbish!

Summer’s here and that means we’re in full on festival season. From fitness events like Tough Mudder, family friendly foodie festivals like Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival, right through to the muddy musical mania of Glastonbury, it’s all about kicking back, having fun and perhaps having one too many glasses of shandy ;)

But what about afterwards, when the thousands of revelers leave the site, bleary eyed and stinking of Eau de kebab, who clears up all the mess?

The organisers of last years Glastonbury festival hired 1,800 litter pickers to help clear up the 1,000 acre site and even then it took them three weeks to get it looking relatively reasonable again. Immediately after the festival, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d walked onto the set of a post-apocalyptic movie set, such were the scenes of utter destruction.

Beer cans, bottles, cigarette butts, wellies, dirty clothes, sleeping bags, half eaten food, packaging and even, would you believe it, tents! All these items are regularly left post-party and every single last bit of it needs clearing up and either recycling or sending to land fill.

Large scale clear ups such as these not only require a decent workforce, but they also need good quality, strong bulk bags to ensure the rubbish is contained and can be transported to where it needs to go to. It’s not unusual for litter pickers to fill up as many as 500,000 sacks of rubbish, and that’s just the rubbish that can’t be recycled or given away to charity. At last years Reading music festival, over 20 tonnes of re-usable equipment was salvaged from the site, including unopened tins of food, metal tent pegs and of course the tents themselves. Most of this was sent to local charities, but of course it makes the clear up process even more difficult, as items need to be separated out.

And what about the litter pickers, how must they feel when they’re tidying up all that disgusting rubbish? Most of them are overseas workers (come one let’s face it you aren’t going to get students tidying up after themselves are you!?!) looking to earn a few quid, but who’s looking out for their welfare? It’s tough work having to keep bending down and picking up rubbish, then traipsing round with a bag that keeps splitting, bashing your legs and won’t stay open every time you try and put in a half eaten ketchup soaked burger. If only there was something that could make this job easier…

Oh hang on a sec, there is!

The Bulk Bag Buddy pro frame is a great foldaway tool with sturdy crossbars to give extra strength and extra rigidity for heavy duty refuse. A few of these bad boys scattered around a field, either as the event’s going on to help encourage festival goers to tidy as they party, or set up after the event to help with mass clear up, is guaranteed to help save time, save money and ultimately make the job easier.

Are you organizing a big event this year?

Thought about the clear up yet?

Contact us to find out how the Bulk Bag Buddy can help you.

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