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Do You Need Help Trimming your Bush?

We get weeks and weeks of endless rain and then all of a sudden we’re blasted with glorious golden sunshine and that means our gardens have gone mental!

Seriously, if you haven’t already noticed, go out now and take a look. I’m guessing the lawn’s about 6 inches high, right? And the branches of the trees are covering your garden with shade, blocking out the sun we’ve all been lusting after for so long, and perhaps worst of all creating a free for all bird toilet inviting pesky pigeons to perch up there and poop on unsuspecting humans below. And as for the shrubbery…well, if ever there was a time to trim your bush…it’s now!

But is it too late to be clearing the garden now? Will pruning your plants result in killing them and will trimming your bush leave your lady garden looking bare and exposed?

If you’re no gardening expert, but like to keep things looking neat and orderly then it’s best to do your research and seek out advice from the professionals. There are plenty of useful guides and pruning timetables available that will prevent you from destroying your garden.

So you’ve figured out what you need to do…now what?

You’ve hacked everything to within an inch of their lives and now it’s all lying scattered in little piles, waiting to be picked up and taken to the tip.

This is the worst part right?

It can be back breaking work, especially in the heat, and let’s face it none of us are getting any younger. Which is why I always make full use of the Bulk Bag Buddy Support Frame when I’m tidying up my garden.

The frame is fully adjustable meaning a 1 tonne bulk bag can be angled in such a way that you can fill it up using a wheelbarrow. But not only that, the frame also allows you to:

  • Fill the space of the bag more, so there are fewer bags to take to the tip.

  • Fill and empty the bulk bags with ease.

  • Save your back and knees from unnecessary aches and pains.

Plus, our 1 tonne garden waste sacks are sturdy and have reinforced side seams with four looped handles, which means they can handle even the prickliest of bushes and the sharpest of branches without tearing.

OK, so I can’t take away all of the hard work, but it’ll certainly make the job quicker, easier and far less painful. And you’ll be left with a beautifully clear garden for the Summer, all ready for you and your family to enjoy time outdoors having BBQs, having alfresco fun and frolics and having a garden that is the envy of all your neighbours!

If you’d like a timesaving, efficient, garden friendly Bulk Bag Buddy in your life get in touch today!

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