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What Your Dad REALLY Wants For Fathers Day!

Millions of dads around the country will be waking up on Sunday greeted by excited kids carrying trays of lovingly prepared jam on toast, a cold cup of coffee and maybe the odd present or two. Yep it’s Fathers Day again, the time for dads to pull out their “oh I love it” face whilst at the same trying to disguise their expression of “what is it?” when they unwrap a handmade craft monstrosity that is meant to be a desk tidy (we all know it’s just loo rolls glued to a cereal packet!). Because it’s always the same old stuff isn’t it? Socks, a ‘Best Daddy Ever’ mug, shower gel and if you’re really fortunate, a Toblerone.

Oh you shouldn’t have…no seriously you shouldn’t!

I know, I know perhaps I’m sounding a little ungrateful here, but when you’ve opened the same presents year in year out for the past god knows how long it seriously wears a bit thin trying to keep up the façade of enthusiasm. Come on dads, if we’re completely 100% honest with ourselves we don’t really want all that tat do we? We want practical stuff, the stuff we can actually make use of, or we want gadgets or beer…end of!

What do you buy dad?

Tools, a DIY book, garden bits…? Well most dads have already got that kind of stuff, or if they don’t they tend to go out and buy it as and when they start a job and realise they don’t already have it. But I bet most dads don’t have one of our One Tonne Bulk Bags complete with handy supporting frame in their shed!

Sturdy, good quality, great value and suitably manly, the bag and frame combo make an ideal present for the practical dad, the gardening dad, the DIY dad, the BBQ dad, in fact I reckon any dad is going to be smiling from ear to ear if he unwraps one of these on Fathers Day.

So come on, do your dad a favour this Fathers Day and give him the gift he really wants.

Contact us today for more details of how you can make your dads day with a Bulk Bag Buddy he’ll use time and time again!

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