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Top Tips to Transform Your Garden!

This week saw the return of the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and this has given me a giant kick up the backside to sort my own garden out!

OK, OK so perhaps I’m not talking anything quite so cutting edge as the things you’ll see at the show – I mean I love animals and everything, but a massive rhino made out of bark?!? Or strange tree people wandering round scaring the bejesus out of everyone?!? Nope it’s just a step too far for Portsmouth!

The May bank holiday weekend is notoriously a time for gardening, and as the promise of better weather encourages us to spend more time outside, we take a look at what us normal folk can do to keep our gardens looking in tip top shape.

Garden jobs to do in May

May means lots of clearing, lots of planting and lots of mowing, here’s what you should be doing:

  • Remove weeds to prevent them suffocating and stealing water from new seedlings.

  • It can still be frosty in May, so make sure you protect delicate plants. Use foam sheets, insulation, wadding, bubble wrap, or even old sheets to wrap around the stems.

  • Mow the lawn. Once you start you’re going to need to keep it up, but a well maintained lawn will make a garden look instantly better. Ideally you should be aiming to cut the lawn on a weekly basis, but don’t worry because our heavy duty barrow bags make lifting and shifting lawn clippings quick and easy, meaning you’ll get the job done quicker. Giving you the chance to enjoy your garden the proper way – sunglasses on, drink in hand and from the comfort of your deckchair!

  • Trim spreading plants to help encourage new growth, more flowers and to create a better shape.

  • Water new plants/seeds. As the weather hots up, plants get thirsty. To prevent scorching them, water them in the early morning and the early evening.

  • Clip hedges. Use electric hedge trimmers to make the job quicker and neater, but always remember to check the hedges for any signs of nesting birds before you do!

  • Divide any spring flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, to avoid future over crowding and to make your garden display looks it’s best.

Whether you’re naturally green fingered, or you don’t know your dandelions from your daffs, making your garden a place where the kids can play safely, a place you can chill out with friends, or that you can use as an extra space to enjoy in the summertime, it only takes a few little jobs to get it looking great.

Are you in need of some gardening help?

Contact us today and discover how we can take the strain out of those backbreaking gardening jobs with our fantastic range of affordable bulk bags, frames and accessories

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