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Hay Frame


New fully adjustable hay net support. The versatile frame to hold your haynet making filling much much easier.


  • Weight 4.1kg

  • Makes filling of hay nets quick and easy.

  • Made from 19mm galvanised steel to last.

  • Simple design that folds flat to transport or store away.

  • Light but robust design.

  • All poles measure 1 metre to suit most size hay nets.


The Purchased a Hay Net Mate at the Three Counties Show in September. I love it!! It saves lots of time and aggravation when filling my hay nets. It's a great invention.

Sandra Collins

Yard groom, Inverness.

The Hay Net Mate is a perfect frame for filling hay nets especially with 12 horses. This makes my life much easier. Especially with arthritis. Thank you.

David Jones

Farm owner, Coventry

Filling Hay nets was one of those jobs I really hated but since buying this hay net frame I actually enjoy it. The Hay Net Mate is a great device that saves a lot of backache and aggravation

Jayne Woodland

Stable hand, Gloucester.

I purchased 2 Hay Net Mates at the Malvern Show back in May and I am very happy I did. This very simple idea even folds away when not in use. Well worth the money.

Richard Pearcy

Yard hand, Guildford, Surrey

I stumbled across the Hay Net Mate at a friends stable. Since then I have purchased 3 of these hay net fillers.
It's easier to use than some other bulky alternatives on the market and at a very reasonable price.

Dawn Sargeant

Riding teacher, York.

I have tried lots of these hay net fillers but this has got to be the best so far. The fact that the Hay Net Mate folds away means I can take it with me to my shows.

Wendy Wilson

Yard hand, Derby.

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