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What our customers say......

Chris Gare 6th June 2017:-

I’m really pleased that I’ve just bought one of these as it’s what I’ve been looking for ages!


Well done on setting up a company and manufacturing it.

Robyn Sharpe 14th Feb 2017:-

I am a keen gardener and purchased a Bulk Bag Buddy standard frame to assist me while I was clearing out my garden in preparation for the spring...

What a genius piece of kit! It saved so much time and effort. It fits together so easily and holds the bulk bag open and upright for easy filling. After I was done, I just folded it away neatly till I need to use it again.

It will come in so handy when I rip out my kitchen later this year!

Joanne Skeratt 17th Feb 2017:-

Oh my... the best thing we ever bought. It's a frame that holds the sides of a bulk bag up so you can fill/empty it without the sides constantly collapsing. It only cost us £26 - if you do anything with a bulk bag, it's a must have !!

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