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Bulk Bag Buddy 1

Place the frame around a full bag to stop handles falling inwards.

Bulk Bag Buddy 2

All bars on frame can be easily adjusted.

Bulk Bag Buddy 3

If needed the frame can be lowered as you empty bag.

Bulk Bag Buddy 4

The bars of the frame can be removed or easily slid down to any level.

Bulk Bag Buddy 5

The frame can hold the bag open at an angle.

Bulk Bag Buddy 6

With the bag at an angle the handles are kept out of the way and can be easily filled when using a wheelbarrow.

image1 6_edited

Keep bag open to use to your advantage when working on different levels

image1 2_edited_edited

No more up and down when working at heights. The frame lets you throw rubbish straight in.


Leave set up around jobs as a bin to keep sites tidy and reduce trip hazards.

Bulk Bag Buddy 10

Use with pallets for factory/commercial recycling.

Bulk Bag Buddy 11

Fully Adjustable for easy filling

Bulk Bag Buddy 12

Levers for easy tightening - no tools required!

Bulk Bag Buddy 13

Bags simply loop over frame

Bulk Bag Buddy 14

Fully adjustable lever system

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