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Bulk Bag Buddy Standard Frame


The Bulk Bag Buddy Standard has 4 less cross members than the pro making it lighter and easier to carry.

  • Weight 3.6kg

  • Made from 19mm galvanised steel to last.

  • The frame consists of 4 vertical and 4 horizontal poles each measuring 1 metre.

  • Frame fits around an average pallet for factories and warehouses etc.

  • Whole frame is fully adjustable so bag can be angled to fill using a wheelbarrow.

  • Folds up or easily dismantled in seconds.

  • Light and robust design.

What People say about the Bulk Bag Buddy Standard Frame

This bulk bag support frame is perfect for keeping around my sites for offcuts of Celotex, plasterboard etc. keeps the whole site tidy and reduces trip hazards. Brilliant I wish I thought of it. 

Wayne Hallam

D21 Property Maintenance

We keep a couple of bulk bag buddy frames at the back of our allotments. They are great to use as a composter. 

Gary Sands

Allotment Owner

I keep a Bulk Bag Buddy folded up in the back of each of my 4 vans. Its perfect when clearing rubbish or emptying ton bags of sand without having to split the bags. This way I can reuse them and save money!

Paul Stratos

Stratos Building Services, Kingston, London

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