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Bulk Bag Buddy Pro Frame


The Bulk Bag Buddy Pro Frame has additional cross members to give extra strength and extra rigitity for those heavy duty jobs.

  • Weight 5.5kg

  • Made from 19mm galvanised steel to last.

  • The frame consists of 4 vertical and 8 horizontal poles each measuring 1 metre.

  • Frame fits around an average pallet for factories and warehouses etc.

  • Whole frame is fully adjustable to suit any job and any size bulk bag.

  • Frame can angle bulk bag for wheelbarrow access whilst filling. 

  • Folds up when not in use.

  • Light and robust design.


The Bulk Bag Buddy is a great foldaway tool that has been used by Portsmouth City Council workers. This simple framework can save time, money and backache when using these bags. Great product.

Councillor Donna Jones

Head of Portsmouth City Counci

This is the best product I have seen in years. I purchased 4 of these bulk bag frames to keep offcuts of material in at the factory. Very easy to use and folds away when not in use. Perfect.

Scott Vince

Factory owner, Gosport, Hampshire

I join these bulk bag frames together to create a temporary barrier when floor tiling and concreting large areas on shop refits.

Geoff Cole

Floor tiler, Sutton, Surrey

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