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The Bulk Bag Buddy is an independent, family business run by builder and landscaper Grant Bramble. Having been in the trade for over 20 years, Grant recognised the need for a product that made manual workers lives easier.


Bulk bags are used on a regular basis by builders and landscapers, at events, in stable yards, in rubbish/recycling clearance, as well as by home gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. However, the extreme size and flexibility of standard bulk bags can often cause many people to struggle with them.


Grant recognised the need for a product that would save both time and effort as well as utilising the full capacity of the bag, and as a consequence the Bulk Bag Buddy was born.

Once you've used the Bulk Bag Buddy you’ll never go back!


Bulk Bag Buddy is a simple frame that supports and opens up the bulk bag…no more sticking poles in the ground, nailing bulk bag handles to fences or trees, and no more bad backs! The frames are easy to assemble, and can be dismantled or folded flat for easy storage.


Owing to its unique design, the Bulk Bag Buddy is patent pending. It is manufactured and distributed around the UK and has already helped out a variety of different businesses.


Contact us today to discuss how Bulk Bag Buddy can help you!


Click here to see the Bulk Bag Buddy in action!

The Best Buddy Your Bulk Bag Can Have!


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